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2018-07-27 13:50
SEDA Lighting is a newly-founded brand focusing on providing LED industrial and public lighting solutions for world wide customers.Seda has full range of:
#LED street light series 
#LED high bay light series 
#LED high mast light series
#LED flood light series 
#LED commercial light series.
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Case Introduction
Currently we had a lighting design for our customer to light up an warehouse:
Room space size: 100m (L) x 50m (W) x 10m (H)
Suspended height of lamp: 1m
Eav on floor: 200lx
Old lamp: 60pcs x 500W metal halide lamp

Simulation & Solution
Considering the ceiling is high and we choose to use Wavel series high bay with 90deg of beam angle,moreover, WAVEL series is equiped with beam angle changeable optic lens to have beam angle adjusted between 60, 90 and 105deg on a single lamp, that can be very suitable for installer to adjust beam angles according to specific lighting area at site.
Because WAVEL series can have 130-150LPW, to maximize the energy saving, we decided to use 120W WAVEL LED high bay to make the lighting design.that we had 80pcs of 120W WAVEL to have Eav: 210lx and Emax: 239lx on floor, that means our solution can help property owner to save at least 65% energy bills days and nights and even 20% brighter than their old lighting condition.
You can check the following design achieved and simulated by Dialux:

We are pleased to know our customer is very happy on the result and confident that our WAVEL series high bay light can help them to secure this project.
Written by SEDA Lighting
SEDA lighting is founded based on the faith to provide energy saving and eco-friendly lighting solutions to human beings for sustainable development. Focusing on high power LED lighting area, SEDA is endeavoring to develop finest quality and highest lumen-output LED lights with lowest energy consumption to reduce CO2 emission and carbon footprint. After years’ growth, SEDA has obtained good reputation in our own industry and our product range is greatly expanded from public lighting, area lighting, industrial lighting to commercial lighting. 
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